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There is growing evidence that clearly links body composition with health risks and the development of certain diseases. New research indicates that fat loss, not weight loss, can extend human longevity. By measuring body composition, a person's health status can be more accurately assessed and the affects of both dietary and physical activity programs better directed.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis: inexpensive, portable, accurate, non-invasive, quick, convenient. The BIA has replaced the traditional scale and will redefine how people measure and monitor their bodies.

A simplified version of BIA has been developed that uses leg-to-leg bioimpedance analysis. In this system, two footpad electrodes (pressure contact) are incorporated into the platform of a precision electronic scale. A person's measurements are taken while in a standing position with the electrodes in contact with bare feet. The body fat monitor/analyzer automatically measures weight and then impedance. Computer software (a microprocessor) imbedded in the product uses the measured impedance, the subject's gender, height, fitness level, and in some cases age, (which have been programmed), and the weight to determine body fat percentage based on equation formulas. The reference method used is DEXA. Through multiple regression analysis, this machine has derived standard formulas to determine body fat percentage.

The body composition machine that Health Education Inc. is using has all the advantages of traditional BIA as well as greater ease of use, speed, and portability. Data available includes the BMI, fat percentage, fat weight, total body water, fat-free mass, and BMR.

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