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About Health Education

Health Ed Inc; is a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner In Calgary

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner in Calgary, Alberta

Health Education Inc., in conjunction with the Talisman Centre of Calgary, Alberta was established in 1989 and incorporated in 1994 to empower the public, community organizations, schools, and corporations to learn and apply injury prevention skills and healthy habits.

Our Passion is ensuring properly trained and educated first-aiders can be of assistance in an emergency. Our array of First Aid CPR courses enable participants to make safe and healthy decisions for themselves, others, and their environment.

Our professional, experienced facilitators will lead participants through the learning process in an encouraging environment, helping you learn the skills necessary to make appropriate choices in an emergency.

Health Education Inc. is a well-recognized and represented organization throughout the province and is constantly striving to grow and improve the environment it operates in. Our innovative courses are all certified through respected organizations such as The Canadian Red Cross Society and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada as well as Emergency Medical Services (EMS).


Change is the only constant there is and the environment we live in is constantly evolving. We embrace change through core values of honesty and integrity to effectively convey injury prevention training to the public, professionals, schools, communities, and the corporate sector.

CPR, Mental Health, and First Aid Education in Calgary are provided in a professional environment, encouraging participants to demonstrate and promote intelligent choices for themselves, others, and their surroundings. Courses such as: Child Care First Aid Level B, Standard First Aid CPR Level C or other types of Standard First Aid Training in Calgary can be enrolled in through our website.

New course schedules involving First Aid or CPR in Calgary are constantly being added. Please bookmark or refer back to our website for updates.

We will continue to build partnerships within the public and corporate arena to educate the constituents on the importance of a safe and healthy community. Educate! Empower! Activate!

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