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First Aid Certification in Calgary

First Aid, CPR & AED Re-certification requirements:

In accordance with guidelines and conditions governing re-certification of CPR, AED and First Aid, please ensure that:

1. Your certification is current i.e. not expired, (CPR Level HCP requires annual re-certification).
2. You have the correct level of CPR and first aid,
3. You are comfortable with knowledge of CPR and First Aid.

Please familiarize yourself with course content as the trainer will complete a recap and then get into skill testing. Please bring your certificate (or a clear copy of) to your class.

Standard First Aid & CPR Course In Calgary

Read the Red Cross course Fact Sheet (pdf)

Is a life worth a little bit of your time? Standard First Aid is a comprehensive course that demonstrates how to initiate emergency care for home or within the workplace.
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Standard Child Care First Aid & CPR Course

Read the Red Cross course Fact Sheet (pdf)

Do you ever wish kids came with instruction manuals? They don't, but this course will teach you a thing or two that will be helpful in childcare.
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Emergency First Aid & CPR Course in Calgary

Read the Red Cross course Fact Sheet (pdf)

Would you know what to do if there was an emergency? This course will increase your comfort level in dealing with emergency situations at home or within the workplace. You will learn how to think, react, and improvise when dealing with time priorities.
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CPR & AED Course

Read the Red Cross Level C Fact Sheet (pdf)
Read the Red Cross Level HCP Fact Sheet (pdf)

Wouldn't you like to know how to help, especially if it is someone you know? Basic Life Support CPR is a series of courses that focus exclusively on resuscitation skills for non-trauma emergencies involving airway, breathing, and circulation.
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