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Babysitting First Aid
Non-Certification Course in Calgary

Babysitters Course

Avoid feeling helpless! Learn what a babysitter needs to know. This is especially important as the need for responsible and competent babysitters increases. The Babysitting course was designed for 11-15 year olds who want to develop self-assurance, understand and exceed babysitting duties.

Participants will discuss injury prevention, basic child development, emergency procedures, and personal safety. The Babysitters course is comprised of four sections that are further explained below.

  • Rights and Responsibilities of the babysitter, clients, children, and babysitter's parents issues: finding work, questions to ask, and safety
  • Skills for Caring "care" for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-aged children information about diapering, feeding, sleeping, and playing
  • Skills for Getting Along: creating a babysitter-child relationship based on mutual respect
  • Safety: injury prevention, emergency procedures, and prevention through basic knowledge of child development personal safety including advice on dealing with strangers, inappropriate contact, and calling for help

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